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Friday, December 16, 2016

Left Across the Border: A Story of Teen Depression

This is book one to what can be seen as a “controversial topic.” The story opens up with a little girl named Flora who has to cross the border to go to America. She starts out as an illegal alien but then gets a green card.

Flora's story is heart wrenching and people who don't understand the immigration process really need to read this. Flora is a Mexican and her story about crossing the border, going to an American school, and the isolation and culture shock among other things. It certainly makes readers think if they care to read this.

The writing style could use a bit more work, but at the same time I think it's perfect for the one person narrative of the character “Flora.” She was a little girl who only spoke Spanish on arrival to America and now speaks English. It's a must read for everyone!

Another thing that is listed in this book are sources where people can find help who are facing depression and other mental health ailments. It's a great reference tool for those who may not be aware.

Hopefully, people will read this story and change their view on what they call “Mexicans,” and realize that the world should have no borders. For a book that actually brought me to tears, I absolutely recommend this book to everyone!

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