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Friday, December 16, 2016

Guest Post featuring Lauren De Carlo

Lauren De Carlo 

Hi, I’m Lauren. I don’t even know where to begin to describe myself, let alone in a paragraph because how can life itself, be described in a paragraph? Either way, I’m an old soul. I like old movies. I like old music. I like old literature. I should have been born in the past. What’s important to me? Being free. I’m just a gypsy gal. The hands of Harlem cannot hold me to its heat. I swear my temperature’s too hot for taming. My flaming feet burn up the street. No one can read my fortune down along, due to my restless palms. If you know who I reworded that from I’ll love you forever. My motto is to: 🔥 Live it. Write it. 🔥

My favorite quotes are:

"How can I explain, it's so hard to get on." – Bob Dylan

"The lost paradises are the only true ones not because, in retrospect, the past joy seems more beautiful than it really was, but because remembrance alone provides the joy without the anxiety over its passing and thus gives it an otherwise impossible duration. Time loses its power when remembrance redeems the past." -Marcuse

"Nothing in this world worth having comes easy" - Bob Kelso

"God damns liars, Mary!" ~ John Procter, Arthur Miller's The Crucible

Check Out Lauren's Work on Odyssey

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