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Thursday, November 17, 2016

A Map to Otherworld: The Guide to Meditative Shamanic Journeying by Rebekah Gamble

Shamanic work? Astral projection right? Well, if anything it certainly got the best of me in regards to my own curiosity of inexplicable phenomena that current science has yet to prove of disprove.
As I was reading through this book, it had many similarities in regards to my own religion when I do practice it, that of Paganism. Wicca it also reminded me of and yes, there are differences between the two, kind of like how there are differences between Christianity and Catholicism. Either way though, all religions try to bring about unity, peace, and love. Unfortunately, the human element in interpreting bible verses, book of shadows, etc. deludes from the ultimate message of religions, which I believe is love. However, my own interpretation can be wrong as well. I'm only human and can err just like anyone else. 
I don't consider this book a religious text mind you, but it's definitely worthy of a read by people who consider themselves more “spiritual,” than “religious.”
Also, shamanic journeying and astral projection are different. I learned that from reading this book and I am certainly no expert in things like this nor do I intend to be. It is interesting to reflect over though.
I like how the writer of this book used her own life experiences as examples. It's like you're having a conversation with her, even though it's not necessarily going both ways. It's good to read this book with no prior judgments attached. For people who are interested in this type of thing it's good to add into your collection.
I do like to delve into reading material such as this, but my mind is still too scientific to fully accept all of it. Either way, it's worthy of reading and having a different perspective on things such as this.

Read the book for yourself, to see what I mean.  

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